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Study MBBS in Russia

Something about Russia:

Study MBBS From Russia
Study MBBS From Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world having a diverse ecological structure filled with grasslands, forests and snow laded mountains. It is having a pleasant mild cold climate in most of the areas and excellent historical monuments and infrastructure.
Due to warm and civilised citizens, safe and secure society and no racism it is one of the most favourable spots for tourists seeking for vacations. Russian cuisines, arts, infrastructures are world renowned and cannot be ignored by anyone. Riverside grassland fields, thick dense forests, mountains and volcanoes are some of the major attractions for visitors for camping, hiking and leisure activities.
It has been holding a strong position in some major organisations like United Nations Security Council, APEC etc and is one of the strongest nation in terms of weapons and army. It even has vast mineral reserves which are being exported also.
The government of Russia always focuses on lower and higher education too much. This can be proved by the fact that there is 99.7% literacy rate in Russia, a very few country has been able to achieve this mark so far. Education in the country is highly subsidised but it doesn’t mean that they compromise on the quality; on the contrary, education system of the country is believed to be most advanced in the world. The government has regulation over the cost of studies to make it affordable for everyone in the country and other aspirants around the globe. State Universities and Private Universities, in both the cost of education, are very low as compared to the other western countries.
International students in large numbers especially Indians visit Russia to various MBBS, Masters in Surgery and MD degrees. Many do continue to stay in the country to practice and pursue Post graduation also from the renowned Medical universities in Russia. The counting of international students has exceeded more than 2lacs from all parts of the world. More than 20,000 Indian students are among them.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Russia:

Russia has recently become an education hub for students not only from their country but from all major countries in the world. From more than 168 countries of the world including India a huge number of students visit the country for MBBS and other Medical post graduation programs.

This is due to the three basic reasons, which are –

Very low tuition fees of higher education:

In comparison to Indian and other Western Countries, the cost of MBBS education in Russia is very low. Students from India generally need to spend crores of money to study MBBS in India or USA, but in Russia, it can be completed in nearly half of the cost. This is a major advantage of choosing to study MBBS in Russia. The government also conducts many competitions and exams if cleared students can get additional grants from government and/or waiver of fees from the respective university.

Latest technologies and expert faculties:

Standard of education in Russia is very high, government and universities focus on imparting best possible education with latest technologies available in the world. Every university is equipped with multimedia lecture halls and classrooms. Have libraries with a large number of journals and study materials. Almost all universities have in-house clinics for regular patients’ visits with latest diagnosis and treatment machines. Universities have collaboration with many regional and international societies for research and development, for which regular exchange programs are conducted with meets and competitions. This has made Russian education systems one of the most foremost in the world. Many countries are even following its system of education to enhance their education standard as well.

High Global Ranking:

Not less than 3 Russian State Medical Universities are ranked among top 10 universities in whole Europe and more than 10 universities are among top 100 universities in the world. These rankings are based on the quality of education, the performance of the passed professionals working in different parts of the world. It is said that Russia is having the 8th best higher education in Europe and 13th best in the world. Top scientists and medical professionals in USA, UK, and many other prominent countries and organisations are held by Russian medical professionals.

Recognised Degree:

MBBS and post graduate degrees from Russian Universities are recognised by all major institutions. Some of these are Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, IMED, FAIMER etc. This means professionals passing from the university can work with these organisations and the countries without any hassle, and the degree is being accepted as any other credible degrees. In India and USA, professionals need to qualify the internal examination after passing from Russian Medical university to be able to practice in the country. This is just to check the concepts of the students in various aspects.

Learn and Earn:

Unlike India where students are not allowed to work and they are not even allowed to work, in Russia students are encouraged to work with studies. This is a strategic move to provide students hands-on experience in the diagnosis and probable treatment of any disease. Students form a case study of these practical experiences and are also paid which can be enough to compensate the monthly expenses. These diagnosis and treatments are being governed by the senior doctors which are being then suggested to patients after cross verification.

Low Cost of living:

Cost of living is comparatively same as Indian but lesser than other countries in the west. Due to various facilities provided by the universities, there is barely anything required to be purchased from the market. Generally, hostels and mess are being provided by the university. But if any student opts for living outside the campus, cheap and hygienic accommodation can be found all around university campus area. There are lots of facilities of transportation, restaurants, gyms and entertainments which students can avail at discounted price by showing the University ID Card. It reduces the expenses of any facility from 30% to 50%. So students can enjoy living in European lifestyle and western culture at the minimal costs.

English Medium of studies:

It is an excellent initiative by Russian MBBS universities taken to attract international students. Apart from the Russian language, students can opt for English as a medium of studies, there are many faculties and guests lecturers assigned by the universities to impart best in class education to all foreign students. Even the exams are being conducted in the English medium only thus making overall education and course very easy to understand and complete. Though it is always preferred if students opt for Russian medium of studies so that they can mix us with Russian students as well and improve their Russian communication so that clinical activities may be easy to handle. It makes student communicate with locals in the market, patients in clinic and transports easier.

Comfortable hostel and Indian Food:

Almost all the MBBS universities in Russia provide Hostel and Mess facility. They always focus on providing students nice, comfortable and hygienic place to live so that students can study well without any worries. Lots of facilities like the internet, attached bathrooms, personal kitchen, laundry and cleaning services are offered to the students living in the hostel. Most of the universities locate hostels near recreational areas, parks and river side to give student environment of pleasure and peace. All the universities in Russia provide the provision of Indian food as numbers of Indians joining Russian universities are high in number and are increasing every year. Indian mess’ have cooks and chef especially from India to give students the exact homely taste. This further reduces the worry of good food for Indian students in the foreign country.
Students get a state of art education infrastructure with excellent study environment. MBBS Russia Universities focuses on both practical exposure and scientific development as foremost agenda in their curriculum structure. Any student looking for scientific medical development is appreciated and involved with highly specialised teams of scientists. This gives an excellent exposure to the students.
To remove the extra burden for students, all MBBS universities in Russia has kept admission on first come and first serve basis; this means there are no entrance tests. Moreover for international students studies are conducted in the English language too. Only students seeking admission in Post graduation courses need to learn the Russian language mandatorily.
Apart from these benefits students get the chance to settle in Russia itself and enjoy the Western lifestyle and good salary package.

Taking Admission:

Admission procedure in Russia is very easy and affordable. Unlike India there are no medical entrance exams there, admissions are entirely on first come first serve basis i.e. if the seats are vacant and you get to approach the university before others, you will be given the admission.
Medical council of India has given the guidelines of minimum eligibility criteria for perusing the MBBS courses, if the candidate meets the requirement then the student can opt for applying for any MBBS university in Russia. There are requirements of certain documents as per guidelines of the university which needs to be prepared before applying. Once the application is done and University accepts the request of the student then you may just approach to Russian Embassy for student VISA.